What is the function of an attic vent?


Roof venting allows fresh air into the attic space and lets older air cycle out. Soffit vents allow the fresh air in, which will travel up through the attic space as it warms and escape through the high venting. Without adequate and un-obstructed soffit venting to allow fresh air into the attic space, air becomes

How important are attic vents?


Attic ventilation can be achieved in a number of ways, and all homes should have high and low venting. High venting can be achieved with either ridge venting (where suitable) or by “mushroom” style roof vents. Low venting is almost always through vents located in the overhang or soffits. Soffit vents allow for air movement

How can I prevent ice damming?

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Attic Ventilation: The attic temperature should be the same as the outside air. An attic that is kept well ventilated will keep the exterior of your roof uniformly cold. If your roof stays cold, the snow will not melt from the bottom and the risk of ice damming will be minimized. Soffit venting should be

What are ice dams and how do they form?


An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms on the roof as a result of a freeze-thaw cycle. When heat escaping from the attic starts melting the snow on the roof, the water flows under the snow and re-freezes when it reaches an unheated portion of the surface – usually at the eaves.