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DeLuca Roofing has been voted the #1 roofing company in Hamilton and Burlington. We are experts in flat roofing, commercial and residential roof repair, re-roofing and roof replacement. We provide timely efficient roofing services in southern Ontario.

In an age where things are here today and gone tomorrow, DeLuca Roofing remains steadfast in their quest to provide quality workmanship to it’s customers in a competent and professional manner.

To remain at the forefront of the roofing industry requires that the Company stay abreast of the latest trends in architectural design and keep a watchful eye on technological enhancements of roofing products. Whether the job is large or small, the DeLuca difference is noticeable from your initial phone call to the final clean up!

Replacement Roofing

You want a lasting, beautiful roof over your head – and you don’t want to worry about it.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Premium-quality roof replacement, and professional service, delivered by a dedicated award-winning team of specialists who take pride in your satisfaction.

New Construction

Quality roof installations, professional touch, clear focus on customer satisfaction.

Experienced & Uncompromising

Our experience encompasses asphalt roofing products, cedar shingles and specialty roof materials including simulated slate, as well as flat roof installation

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Metal Flashing Fabricated In-House available for purchase or installation.

Protects Your Home

Anywhere you see a joint in your home – between sections of roof, around your chimney, where roof and siding meet – special care must be taken to keep water out.

Customer Service

Post sales service in support of the manufacturer and installation warranties.

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A full-time/year round Customer Service Department staffed by highly trained, well-equipped and friendly personnel. A vital component to our business.


Frequently Asked Question

Below are some common questions we get asked regularly from our customers. Head over to our FAQ page for some more commonly asked questions.

Why is a “roof recover” or “nail-over” not recommended?2019-02-09T00:13:12+00:00

From our many discussions with contractors over the years, we’ve learned that roof-over installation introduces an increased risk of workmanship errors. Moreover, a tear-off will reveal defects in decking that might otherwise go undetected. We have also learned that a growing number of contractors recommend a tear-off to their customers because they believe that a roof-over installation will “cook-up” and deteriorate the asphalt more quickly than will a clean roof installation.

Of course there are arguments in favour of doing a roof-over as well. For example, two layers of roofing provide redundant protection against leaks. Also, by allowing the original layer of roofing to remain, the cost of the job and the burden on landfills is reduced.

On balance, we are convinced that the argument for tear-offs and clean roof installations is persuasive for ensuring the highest possible quality finished roof system.

What are some of the material defects of shingles?2019-02-09T00:13:12+00:00

Cracking Through Reinforcement

Depending upon the style of shingle, the normal weathering characteristics described earlier may be a sign of more serious problems. For example, cracks across a typical three-tab shingle may be a sign of a weak reinforcement. This type of cracking threatens the waterproofing integrity of the roof and needs to be addressed immediately.

For the overlayed-style shingle, on the other hand, cracks that are restricted to the un-reinforced decorative built-up are the result of normal weathering and do not compromise the long-term performance of the roof system.

Granule Loss Exposing Asphalt

Large areas of granule loss that expose the underlying asphalt place the shingle at risk of premature failure because UV rays can now get to the asphalt layer.

In situations in which hail has knocked off large areas of granules, you can expect the life of your shingles to be appreciably reduced due to the effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Shingles with open blister in which the asphalt becomes visible are also at greater risk for premature failure.

What is the life cycle of a roofing shingle?2019-02-09T00:13:12+00:00

When a new roof was installed, friends and neighbours may have remarked how it enhanced the beauty of the home. However, research indicates that aging begins soon after the shingles are installed and progresses rapidly during the initial curing phase of its life cycle. During this stage, granule loss may occur, small blisters may develop or the shingles may curl slightly at their edges. You may even notice that this curling is more pronounced during cold weather and the shingles may lie flat as temperatures rise. The good news, however, is that after this curing stage the shingles enter a long period of slow aging, which lasts for the major portion of the shingles’ natural life.

During the “mid-life” period, aging continues at a much slower rate. The cracking or granule loss still occurs, but does not increase at a noticeable rate. Only after this long period of “mid-life” does the aging process begin to accelerate once again as the shingles enter their declining years. It’s during this period that homeowners normally think about replacing their roof.

How can I prevent ice damming?2019-02-09T00:13:12+00:00

Attic Ventilation: The attic temperature should be the same as the outside air. An attic that is kept well ventilated will keep the exterior of your roof uniformly cold. If your roof stays cold, the snow will not melt from the bottom and the risk of ice damming will be minimized. Soffit venting should be clear and unobstructed to allow fresh air to cycle in and allow the warm air to escape through the upper roof vents. Sufficient soffit ventilation surrounding the house is necessary. Inexpensive Styrofoam baffles are recommended to keep the soffit vents clear of insulation to allow for proper air uptake into the attic space.

Reducing Heat Loss into the Attic: If a house has many warm air leaks, it may be impossible to add enough attic ventilation to overcome the resulting heat build up. Addressing the causes of warm air leaks in the attic is also very important in the prevention of ice damming. Listed below are some common problem spots that can be addressed to minimize warm air leaks into the attic space:

  1. Attic access hatch – an attic hatch door needs to be both insulated and weather-stripped
  2. Insufficient attic insulation – An attic that is insufficiently insulated will allow heat from the interior of the home to penetrate into the attic space.
  3. Potlights – Potlights are mounted directly into the ceiling/attic space and require the ceiling to be cut open causing obvious voids for warm air to penetrate. Pot lights generate a lot of heat and could pose a fire hazard if insulated improperly. It is recommended that you contact a professional to ensure any potlights are insulated properly.
  4. HVAC Registers – If the house has ductwork running through the attic the ductwork should be well sealed and insulated.
  5. Other ceiling fixtures – Ceiling mounted electrical devices like lights and bathroom fans should be sealed at their boxes.

Poorly placed eavestroughs: Poorly placed eavestroughs prevent snow and ice from shedding off the roof properly. This is less of an issue on its own, but a contributor when other factors like poor ventilation exist.

Recent changes to mechanical equipment in the home: An upgraded mechanical system (i.e. upgraded furnace system) can cause negative air pressure in the home particularly if the contractor did not pay careful attention to the required fresh air intake required for the appliance. During the course of a new system installation, the vapour barrier in the attic may also have been breached causing more warm air leakage in the attic.

A combination of any or all of the above factors can greatly affect the risk and severity of an ice dam occurring on your roof.

A Home Energy Audit can assist you with detecting problems in your home or attic that may lead to problems with ice damming, and can provide recommendations to improve the energy efficiency in your home. For more information you can go to The Ontario Ministry of Energy website at www.mei.gov.on.ca

Although removal of the ice would seem to be a solution, there are no practical ways to remove the ice without the potential of damaging the shingles or other roof components. There is also a great risk for personal injury. The shingle manufacturers warranty may also be rendered invalid as a result of ice dam removal.

Due to the factors involved in the causes and formation of an ice dam, DeLuca Roofing Inc. cannot be held responsible for leaks or damage caused as a result of ice damming.

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Whether the job is large or small, the DeLuca difference is noticeable from your initial phone call to the final clean up! Being one of the top roofing companies in the Hamilton and Burlington area we believe we are a strong choice.

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Our Home Owners Say

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pat, Aaron and Brendon for the great job they did installing the new roof on our house. They were professional, courteous and we appreciate all their hard work especially due to the extreme heat conditions under which they had to endure. We would definitely recommend DeLuca roofing to others who are considering installing a new roof. Thank you again.”


“I am once again impressed with DeLuca Roofing. They show up on time, complete work within their estimated time and cost, and leave the area clean when work is complete.

I left a message at DeLuca during the holidays to get a new bathroom vent installed on our roof which DeLuca had reshingled last year. The installer called the next day, arrived within an hour of the phone call and was done within an hour with a cleanly installed bathroom vent.”


“Fantastic service and deliver. Sales man was very professional and knowledgeable. Responded immediately to my request on a quote. We were happy with the final product and would recommend them to other homeowners for sure!”


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