Anne & Brian

For the last year I have been looking for a good roofer. Everyone I ask about their roof it was a horror story. I had worked for Mac University for ten years doing their flat roofs and slopped roofs as I knew what to look for in a roofer. I talked to a landscaper and he highly recommeneded DeLuca Roofing as he had seen jobs that they had done. So I took the nervous challenge. The first person I met was Paul at the Hamilton Home Show. I finely found somebody that was honest and knew what they were talking about. Paul came to my house and I was most impressed how long he took to explain the job. Then came the day of putting on the roof. When I met Doug and his crew, I was really impressed at how early they started at 7:30. I was really impressed how well they covered everything up even the sun deck. I feel I was very fortunate to have Doug and his crew working on my house as I could tell right away from the start they knew what they were doing and also so polite. I am sure if more people had Doug and his crew working on their home, there would be a lot of happy people. Also they left the place spotless. I wish you and your staff all the best and hope that you do roofing for many more years. It’s nice to see that there is still an honest roofing company still out there.

A letter from a happy customer.