Roof on detached garage and shed

Professional service at a competitive price. Crew was on time, efficient and work quality was excellent. I was disappointed with the initial clean up at end of project but the company rectified the problem quickly. Overall I am very pleased with my decision to use DeLuca Roofing.

Anonymous, January 3, 2019

After having my roof fixed twice, I called DeLuca roofing and they fixed it the first time and were great in explaining everything to me.

Anonymous, November 7, 2018

Fixed a leak in our roof quickly and professionally. Explained what was done and let us know if it happens a gain to let them know. Great work!

Anonymous, October 16, 2018

The crew was amazing, very professional. They cleaned up after they completed the job and made sure that everything was put back in it’s place. These men were working on a very hot day and I provided them with bottles of cold water as often as they came down from the roof. They were very polite and thanked me. I was very happy with how quickly they completed the job and how they cleaned up. It was almost like they were never there. GREAT JOB!!!!!! GREAT COMPANY!!!!

Alda G., September 18, 2018

We really appreciated the professional, knowledgeable, hard working individuals we dealt with at DeLuca: from Joe Frankum, our sales rep who made sure all of the i’s were dotted and the t’s crossed and who goes beyond expectations, to Brandon and his hard working crew (The Crew). All of our questions were answered and the work done was first rate. We would recommend DeLuca, Joe and Brandon and his crew to anyone needing quality roofing work.

Anonymous, August 27, 2018

Low quality shingles were put on this 7 year old development’s roofs which started blowing off during the last 2 years under strong winds. After getting 7 companies to provide quotes for a new roof, I chose DeLuca Roofing because the salesman, Joe, was the only one who actually went up on the roof to measure the square footage of the roof. Others, who used a satellite estimating company or just guessed at the area, were 400 to 500 square over what Joe had measured. Joe also went into the attic to check for the possibility of moisture collecting, to check that soffit vents were not blocked from letting air in for adequate ventilation, and checked that bathroom fans were properly vented to the outside and not into the attic and were fully insulated to prevent condensation from forming. Joe’s former roofing experience, expert knowledge and ability to articulate exactly how his company would do the project gave me the confidence to give DeLuca Roofing the job. Several days before the start, John, the installation coordinator, delivered new vents, metal flashing, and rolls of underlayment which I stored in my garage. Then, a waste bin and shingles were delivered one day and Brandon and his crew arrived the next. Brandon had been fully appraised of the needs of the job. My major concern was that none of the copper roofing below the shingled roof area be damaged on my or other neighbouring roofs, as we are a middle unit of a townhouse block. Brandon had brought tarps and plywood that would be used to protect my and the adjoining properties. This was 100% effective. The job took about 2 1/2 to 3 days to fully complete. Brandon and his competent crew worked from the moment they arrived on site early in the morning until they left late in the day. They worked safely with agility in a coordinated fashion on the roof, were careful to keep the area on the ground below as debris free as possible and did a full area cleanup at the end of each day. Each of these young men were not only skilled at their job, but were congenial and pleasant for us to talk to. When you have people who are proud of the work they do, the job gets done well. I feel that I selected a great roofing company to do my new roof and would recommend DeLuca Roofing (and Brandon) without hesitation.

John Spizarsky, August 17, 2018

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