It’s a fact that your roof will deteriorate faster than other exterior elements of your home and it will bear the brunt of everything that Mother Nature can (and does) muster – rain, heat, hail, snow, ice & high winds.

“Doing It Right” the first time can avoid the expense of replacing your roof prematurely. Roofing is one area where quality should be chosen over cost.

Hiring a reputable company like DeLuca Roofing Inc. guarantees a satisfactory result that is worthy of your time and money. Founded in 1986, their reputation has stood the test of time. They have served the region for more than 25 years. DeLuca Roofing is not just a seasonal Company, they offer year round installations and service.

Unlike individuals whose only attraction is a perceived low price, DeLuca Roofing ensures only the highest quality materials are installed, encouraging their customers to protect their investment by choosing the manufacturers Certified Roof Systems, complete with it’s extended warranty coverage. They hire experienced, professional tradespeople who are fully insured and WSIB covered for added peace of mind. A permanent place of business means DeLuca Roofing will be there; should you need them for a warranty issue, repair or referral to friends and family.

Choosing DeLuca for your roof replacement project, means you’ve partnered with a company who holds ‘Certified Roofer’ status with both Canadian and US shingle manufacturers. They offer asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, roof repairs, and specialty roofing with decorative metal and copper accents. DeLuca Roofing can cover all your roofing needs in a professional manner, using premium materials to enhance the appearance and value of your home. Other services include flat membrane roofing and Velux skylight & sun tunnel installation.

Rob DeLuca invites you to call soon for your Free In-Home Consultation and estimate.