In early July 1981, Rob DeLuca was provided an introduction to the residential roofing trade. Over the course of the following five summers, while working his way through school, Rob received tutelage under the watchful eyes of family members who had been in the roofing industry since the early 1960’s.

There was much to learn; proper installation techniques, water shedding principles, specialty products and, possibly the most important lesson, the value in adopting an old school work ethic. Eager to build on this foundation of newly acquired skills and upon urging of family and friends, DeLuca Roofing Inc. was born.

On a platform of integrity, quality and hard work, DeLuca Roofing ‘cut its teeth’ during the tough recession years of the early 1990’s. As the economy began to recover the Company grew and the staff of one evolved into a dedicated team comprised of; courteous office personnel, a professional sales team, installation coordinators, skillful applicators and after sales service technicians. Over the years, one theme has remained constant, they are committed to achieving a common goal. The entire DeLuca team strives to provide expert and innovative roofing solutions while maintaining a clear focus on customer service and satisfaction.

Today, DeLuca Roofing Inc. joins a small, elite group of companies, and is proud to be celebrating their 25th Anniversary.
In an age where things are here today and gone tomorrow, DeLuca remains steadfast in their quest in providing quality work to it’s customers in a competent and professional manner.

Company President, Rob DeLuca maintains, “it’s our responsibility to protect our customers by providing them with comprehensive, functional roofing systems. They have entrusted us with a most cherished possessions, their home”. It is through adopting philosophies such as this, that DeLuca Roofing continues to be Southern Ontario’s #1 choice for Residential Roof Replacement, winning top honours in Reader’s Choice Awards for the past 11 years.

To remain at the forefront of the roofing industry requires that the Company stay abreast of the latest trends in architectural design and keep a watchful eye on technological enhancements of roofing products. Rob’s 30+ years of installation experience and vast knowledge of the roofing industry has allowed DeLuca Roofing to become the industry leader. Whether the job is large or small, the DeLuca difference is noticeable from your initial phone call to the final clean up!

At the backbone of the Company is it’s production staff.

DeLuca has designed and implemented policies and procedures in order to ensure the health and safety of their work force. The company is always in good standing with the Worker’s Safety Insurance Board, (WSIB), their Health & Safety program meets all Ministry of Labour requirements and they will be more than happy to provide proof of liability insurance.

Accountability over a long standing tenure in the trade industry is one of DeLuca Roofing’s greatest sources of pride. Warranties and promises are of little or no value when the company promoting them is not likely to remain in business beyond the next year or two. Rob states, “it provides everyone here with an amazing feeling when we are asked to provide a new roofing system for a customer and we discover that our company had installed the existing roof 20+ years prior. In our industry it’s a long cycle to acquire repeat business on the same residence and not many companies survive long enough to experience this.”

It has been said that time is a good test.

And, although a quarter of a century has passed, the team at DeLuca is well aware that it takes greater effort to remain ‘on top’. They work tirelessly toward improving every aspect of their roof replacement process. “Everyone at DeLuca Roofing is committed to putting forth the extra effort in order to ensure the continued support of their customers and the readers of the Hamilton Community News, who have voted us their #1 Roofing Contractor”.

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