Thank you for entrusting DeLuca Roofing Inc. with the responsibility of your roof replacement project.  Rest assured, this is an obligation taken quite seriously by all of us here at DeLuca Roofing Inc.

Our goal is to provide quality roof replacement in a professional manner, while maintaining a clear focus on customer satisfaction; not only with the new roof system which you have purchased, but also in the manner in which the roof replacement process has occurred.  Also, it is our objective to establish a consensus within our customer base that DeLuca Roofing Inc. is a company that can be trusted with one of your most sacred possessions, your home.

In an attempt to ensure that your roof replacement project progresses as smoothly as possible, we have generated a brief description of the process, which occurs once you have accepted our contract proposal.  Included as well, is a list of steps and precautions, which should be taken by you, the customer, to minimize the likelihood of any unfortunate events, which could arise directly or indirectly from the roof replacement process.

By now, I am sure you have established a good rapport with your DeLuca Roofing Inc. Sales Representative.  Hopefully, along with the signing and acceptance of our contract proposal, your product type and colour selection has been made.  These selections must be documented on the contract.  It is important that you have initialed them as well.  This will help ensure proper processing of the paperwork by our Administrator, who will create a series of work orders to be added to your paperwork.  Your contract will then be moving on to the Production Department.

The file on your roof replacement project (contract, work order, drawings, etc.) will be given to an Installation Co-ordinator who will call you to arrange a production schedule based on our Company’s workload and your personal schedule.  Please keep in mind that any dates which are established are done so with the best intentions of all involved.  Please be aware, however, that many factors may come into play that could affect the likelihood of meeting the projected installation date.  The most common of these factors is the weather. Also, delays on other work started previously due to unforeseen circumstances, illness, and in many cases, the homeowners own rescheduling needs.  However, we at DeLuca Roofing Inc. will always maintain that time is of the essence, and will do our very best to avoid inconveniencing you, the customer, with any unnecessary rescheduling.

Also worth noting, in some instances, customers may have a preconceived notion of how long a roof replacement project will or should take.  The duration of these projects is a bit tricky to predict as weather, site conditions, supplier scheduling, and numerous unforeseen changes to the scope of work can creep up and derail even the best attempts at planning.

If your contract includes the replacement of an existing skylight(s), your Sales Representative should have informed you of the possibility that alterations to the top of the skylight chase may be required.  Please be aware that a perfect fit can only be achieved when an existing skylight is being replaced with the exact same type and model.  Even in instances like these, often it is the case that when the original trimming out of the chase was performed, the wood, drywall or other materials typically used to dress the top of the chase may be glued or nailed to the skylight frame itself.  Detection of this beforehand is almost impossible and it only becomes apparent after the unit has been removed from the outside.  In instances such as these, minor damage to the chase is inevitable.

Your DeLuca Roofing Inc. Sales Representative can offer an opinion or prediction, however, they cannot know for certain what the final outcome will be.  As a result, we remind you that DeLuca Roofing Inc. will not be held accountable for skylight chase alterations, or any reparative measures required as a result of damages due to the general skylight replacement procedure.

We do, however, refer the service of very competent, outside contractors who would be more than happy to provide you with a quote for this type of work (this cost would be your responsibility).

In instances where a full skylight installation is being performed in a dwelling where a skylight had not existed previously, the complete trim out of the chase is typically included in the contract price.

Please review this section carefully.

Listed below, are a number of points worthy of your attention, and some require your assistance prior to the onset of our work on your premises:

  • DeLuca Roofing Inc. will require full access to your driveway (where appropriate) from 7:00 am until completion of the roof replacement project.  Please avoid using the driveway until the end of the day and only after the Crew Leader has confirmed that the driveway has been swept and is free of debris.
  • Please be aware that there is 2-4 tons of material and 6-7,000 nails coming off your roof and every effort will be made to get all waste into the bin in an orderly fashion.
  • Please take down any knick-knacks or plates on plate racks, as there can be some vibration from stripping the roof and renailing or changing roof sheathing.
  • If your house has roof board deck, and you are using your attic for storage, we will need items in the attic tarped over or moved out of the attic, as small particles will drop through a board deck into the attic space.
  • If your house has a skylight which is to be changed, please put an old blanket or drop sheet on the floor or over furniture below the skylight to protect against dust and small particles which may drop into your home from the opening above.  Also, be aware that, although our Crews make every effort to minimize the length of time that the skylight opening is left uncovered, there may be a period of up to 30 minutes where an exchange of air will occur with the atmosphere outside.
  • All campers, trailers, boats, etc. should be removed from the driveway area, if at all possible, or to a minimum distance of 12 ft. from the perimeter of the home, while still permitting full access to the structure from the street.
  • BBQ’s, patio furniture, etc. should ideally be moved a minimum distance of 12 ft. or protected with plywood and tarps from potential falling roof debris.
  • Any chimney repointing should be done before the new roof installation is to be started.
  • Fascia, soffit, painting and landscaping work should be scheduled after your roof replacement project has been completed.
  • If you have outside pets (dogs or cats), please keep them indoors or perhaps arrange for them to be boarded for the duration of the roof replacement project.
  • There will be a considerable amount of loud noise during the re-roofing process due to stripping tools, i.e. pitch forks, spades, renailing decks, compressors, etc.  You may want to see the job get started, then leave for the day.
  • In some cases, the metal work: Chimney Flashing, Counter Flashing, Wall Flashing, etc. will be done after the Crew has completed the shingling.  Installers from our Flashing Division will introduce themselves when they arrive.
  • Please discuss any issues or concerns you may have with the installation with the Crew Leader or Installation Co-ordinator at any time, before or during the procedure, if possible.

Once again, thank you for choosing DeLuca Roofing Inc.