William – Replacement of roof

The 36 detached homes in our Starward Homes development range from 5 to 8 years old. Due to the poor quality of Starward’s work most homeowners suffered extensive wind damage and have now been forced to replace their roofs. After the last wind storm and our third repair, we decided to replace the roof. We became aware of DeLuca when they came in to replace our neighbor’s roof. The quality of D’Luca’s work was very apparent. DeLuca did a thorough investigation of our home, they detailed what we required and they did what they said they were going to do. It warrant note that four of our neighbors had each lost one tile. D’Angelo quoted $1,000 for each repair. When DeLuca came in for our roof, they met with our neighbors and replaced the lost tiles for free. All they asked was that the homeowner remember DeLuca when their roofs needed to be repaired/replaced. We are very satisfied with the quality of DeLuca’s work. DeLuca went above and beyond to address our neighbors’ problems. Comments from our neighbors are very positive. A quality provider who has bought a lot of good press in this development through the quality of its work and its actions.