DeLuca Roofing Inc. is committed to the protection of all its employees, sub-contractors and contractors.

We work diligently to fulfill our commitment to meet or exceed the Health and Safety requirements set forth by the Ministry of Labour.  We review the Occupational Health and Safety Act, checking for updates and/or new requirements.  As well, we continually review the status of our training module to ensure that each of our workers has the appropriate and required training and certification.

DeLuca Roofing Inc. provides health and welfare Benefit coverage to our employees and remains in good standing with The Work Place Safety & Insurance Board.

Safety of our work force is DeLuca’s #1 priority!


Each of our production staff have received the following training & certifications:

  • Fall Arrest/Protection
  • Ladder Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Job Hazards Inspection
  • Vehicle & Tool Inspection
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Personal Protective Equipment inspection reporting


A very capable and competent Crew Leader along with a second crew member that functions as a Lead Hand directs each of our crews.  One of these workers is to be on site whenever our forces are performing work.  Both of these individuals receive additional training in First Aid/CPR, which ensures that there is always full coverage on site when it comes to the health and safety of our workers.  Each crew is given the appropriate supplies so that suitable first-aid may be provided to anyone in need.

Additionally, all Crew Leaders have completed training in Due Diligence which helps them understand the consequences of accidents and injury at the workplace as well as the importance of working with safety in mind at all times.

These senior crew members must follow a strict protocol that includes, but is not limited to: Monthly Toolbox Talks on safe work practices; Pre-use Circle Checks on company vehicles, tools & PPE equipment; Notification of near miss incidents; Work place hazard assessment; Proper reporting and documentation of injuries sustained while performing work; Emergency action planning; and Distribution of all information for the enhanced awareness to safety in the work place.


Along with the training described previously, our Installation Co-ordinators also receive First Aid/CPR and Due Diligence training.  It is their responsibility to ensure that safe work practices are built into each DeLuca roof installation that they supervise.  The Coordinators are obligated to perform regularly scheduled safety talks with the crews and their Leaders, documenting any breach of our Company Health & Safety procedure, should one be identified.  As well, they review the Crew Leaders Safety Log to ensure the log is up to date on all safety related requirements.  Our Installation Co-ordinators have the authority to invoke the Company Punitive Policy as required.  Taken to its most extreme measure, this policy provides for Worker Dismissal/Termination.


Our Joint Health & Safety Committee members are fully certified in Part One JH&SC Generic training and Part Two, Workplace, Hazard Specific, training as required by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.  Our members are dedicated to maintaining the well being of all employees.  The primary function of this Committee is to review any and all questionable practices and/or scenarios that have been identified in the work place and then prescribe methods and/or procedures that will provide for Safe Work Practices for all DeLuca Roofing employees.   This committee is devoted to protecting the health and safety of all DeLuca employees, through continuing education, hazard identifications and it’s recommendations to both employees and senior management.


Performs a review of all aspects of the Company health and safety program, they remain familiar with the industry specific requirements and provide an endorsement of the recommendations made by the Joint Health & Safety Committee.

The Senior Management Team at DeLuca Roofing Inc. remains committed to providing the training, and resourses necessary to create safe work processes and maintain a safe work environment for all of DeLuca Roofing Inc.’s employees.

Of course safety begins at the worker level:

We are grateful that the entire staff at DeLuca Roofing Inc. has embraced the safety initiative and that they share our passion and desire to see that every worker returns home safely to their loved ones at the conclusion of each workday.